For your art  collection 

Great collectors are often as well-known and widely respected as the art they collect. Collectors demonstrate just as much talent in selecting and grouping their art as the artists show in creating it. Likewise, each work of art in a great collection commands premium attention as well as a premium price not only because it's good, but also because of the company it keeps.

We  work  with all media, including video art  our work  is to  make sure  the works we represent  will  be a great  addition to  your collection.


 Art  Consulting for  Individuals

 We'll help you choose witch artwork is best  for your home or your space .

You can always connect with a personal Art Advisor, who will help you find the perfect artwork for your space, style, and budget. Free of charge.

Whether  your collecting serious or recreational, there are techniques you can use to maximize not only the quality and value of your art, but also your own personal enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of that art. Our advisory   will help you overstep of the way  while  being true to your tastes.


 Art  Consulting for Companies 

Your company  will have  all the help they  need, we manage  from small works to  public art, commissions for architectural  projects and large  acquisitions. 

 Contact  us to get  in  touch  with an expert to suit  your needs.